Default Server Updated to 1.8 Pre Release 1

The “default” server has been updated to 1.8 Pre Release 1. Like the vanilla server it is a white listed server. You can sign up to be added to the white list though by the simple form underneath this post. When you sign up you will be given access to the vanilla server, after playing for a week and being a regular on that server at that point you may request access to the “default” server. I will be doing a new series of videos with my son Kaleb in the next few weeks on the default server as well. So look for those. The “default” server map is now being rendered on a daily basis. 1.8  has some major changes to Minecraft. Here’s a video from MINECRAFTdotNET that outlines 140 changes that have happened in minecraft 1.8. There’s actually more, but this pretty much sums it up.

Mining with Kaleb 06

In this episode we finally finish creating our temporary version of the Monster resistant Bridge to Somewhere entrance. Our Dog Samson runs away in the middle of filming, and we are able to test how well our newly made entrance works.

Mining with Kaleb 05

Kaleb and I continue our work on the Mesa Desert Biome Entrance onto the Bridge to Somewhere. In trying to get the materials needed to create an Monster resistant entrance I go over some block dynamics and ride a mine cart over the length of the bridge. In arriving at out base I talk about wool and some advantages of carpet (made from wool) at which point Kaleb encourages me to kill Lexi’s (a player on our server and friend of the family) sheep.

Mining with Kaleb 04

Kaleb and I work on the Bridge to Somewhere. The Bridge to Somewhere is a rather large project Kaleb and I started to create a bridge from our base across the ocean to the Mesa Desert Biome. The Mesa Desert Biome is filled with beautifully colored clay mountains, but also danger, as our first day there (off video) we were attacked by a mob of agree mobs (Monsters). In this video I briefly go over some redstone rail stuff and start on our Monster resistant (not proof) entry system. Come with us as we ride into… the Danger Zone!

Mining with Kaleb Episode 02

The second half of Mining with Kaleb. In this episode Kaleb reads a bit and I explain a little bit about the elevation dynamics of the game. If I do another episode we’ll doing something a little bit more fun then just mining.

When I reference spawn it’s where all the players start the first time they logon to our Server to play. There’s a nice little castle, a fountain and some houses there. Kaleb also talks about GuNs. This was a player that Kaleb would “help” and at times help to much. He was a very patient high schooler that was a good minecrafter as well. He made some pretty cool stuff on the server. We haven’t seen him in a few days and it makes Kaleb sad. Such is life though.

Mining with Kaleb Episode 01

One of the main reasons I am running this server is to give my son a controlled environment to play minecraft. I want him to be able to learn to read and interact with others, but at the same time I want to limit that interaction and who he interacts with. So here we are. I am a Linux Admin by trade so setting up a Minecraft server wasn’t something terribly difficult. In fact it’s been rather fun playing with him and seeing things through his 5 year old eyes.. even in how he relates to life and people and all of this as he’s learning to read. So I decided to record it from my in game perspective. Hope you can enjoy it as much as I do. Leave a like on the video and I will continue to do more.


[Public Server] State of the Server Address

There’s been some rumours that I may reset the server when 1.8 is released.. or around that time. This is partly true. What I will be doing is creating a new 1.8 based server and making it the default. So it will be running on port 2230. However, I will not be deleting the old server it will still be running on port 2240.

The reason I am doing a new server is because of the new blocks that are being introduced. The current world is a rather large world at 9000×9000 and it is prerendered. Meaning the new blocks will not be rendered for the current 9000×9000. If I made the map larger new blocks would show up outside of 9000×9000, which would not be a consistent experience. I may still make the old map larger and it will be updated to 1.8, but it will not be public. Meaning it will not be published anywhere online. You may still invite your friends and family on it, but just know of its issues with new blocks. When traffic gets down to only one user a month and I’m bored will it. It at that point will be deleted to free up resources.

Please continue to build on it as it will be around a while and updated frequently. The 1.8 Server is still in snapshots and those last at least a few months at which point it may take CraftBukkit a few weeks to update to 1.8 as well. Also when the time comes if requested I will try my best to help existing members move to the new server if they no longer want to play on the only public one.

Hope that clears some things up. Thanks

Your LOL Admin


Some 1.8 Gaming Dynamics Changes

It seems the way we can do Iron and Gold Farms have changed in the 1.8 snapshots. No longer can you do auto killing. This can lead to some pretty bad lag depending on the speed of the mobs that are generated. Currently our non-whitelisted server is at 1.7.2, but we do have a whitelisted server in testing that will be affected and of course when the public server is updated it will be affected as well. Below are some videos from DocM77 describing the issues. I’m sure there will be more changes to come as 1.8 will still be in snapshot for a few months.


Iron farms

Gold farms